Author. Youngest Female ever to summit Everest.


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In 2010, Bonita became the youngest British woman to summit Mount Everest. Two years later, in 2012, she became the first British woman to reach the summit of Mt. Lhotse, a testament to Bonita's determination. From an amateur climber to a world-renowned adventure in a staggeringly short amount of time, she now inspires audiences to take their own leap of faith, like she did. Her journey against the odds resonates with audiences, leaving them with an improved perspective of their own potential. As an author of The Girl Who Climbed Everest and podcast host, Bonita has gained an international audience of committed fans.

Her message of marginal gains, not giving in, and always keeping our minds open to new opportunities and challenges is as relevant to graduates as it is to a board of directors.

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In this Dose...

Bonita helps every individual reflect upon their own life goals and the challenges they face, as well as equip the team with the techniques she used to get through her toughest moments.

👀  Reflect on personal learning experiences

🧘 Handle pressure with patience and pragmatism

🧠 Keep a cool head

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