Build a high-performance culture for your remote team.

Surround your people with the best.

Building a genuine culture of performance, creativity and inclusivity is tough in a remote workforce. So we’ve assembled a team of operators and experts from pioneering companies that have lead the way in remote work to help guide you through the challenges you face towards a high performing culture. The world's best advisory board.

Check out some of the experts below.

Kate Munday

Kate Munday

Kate is a Creative Business Partner at YouTube. A speaking coach who is on a mission to educate our nation through narrative.

Ben Kendall

Ben Kendall

Ben is the former Global Brand Marketing Lead at Airbnb and managed his team through their groundbreaking employee policy. "Working from anywhere, forever"

Sereena Abassi

Sereena Abassi

Sereena is the CEO of Gal Dem and former Head of Culture & Inclusion at Hybrid-Remote agency, M&C Saatchi.

Level up your
team's performance

A series of six virtual sessions lead by world-class operators, designed specifically to improve the remote performance of your team.

This series will spark moments of creativity & innovation, acting as a catalyst for tangible change within your team. Each Dose is an opportunity to learn, discuss & challenge a leading pioneer in business, and think differently about how you as a team approach remote-work.

Expect new processes, ideas to test, and a fresh perspective.

1 problem
6 pioneers
6 virtual doses
6 fresh perspectives

Explore the series

No, two doses are the same. Each session is an opportunity for your team to learn hands-on with a leading expert, an engage in discussion relevant to you and you alone. Each dose has a title, but its content is flexible. Our goal is to generate tangible results and outcomes that you can apply the moment the dose ends.

Belonging in a team.
Empowering creativity in a remote workforce.
Becoming an effective remote leader.
Communication across continents.
The power of storytelling.
Generate disruptive ideas in distributed teams.

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We are launching the remote series to a limited number of teams.

How it works

What is a Dose?

A dose is a highly-interactive virtual session hosted by a world-class expert. We put a large focus on creating an environment built on questions, discussion and ideas. The goal of a dose is to come out the other side with a new way of thinking about a specific topic or problem.

How frequent are the Doses?

That depends on your urgency and availability. Doses are flexible and made to work with your calendar. For maximum impact, however, we recommend that you get one dose every two weeks—a 12 week total. That way, the content stays fresh, the same people are in the “room” and the collective change can take place cohesively.

What is the cost?

The cost of the series varies depending on the amount of people attending.

Approx £1,000 per employee with a minimum of 10 per series.

Who is this series for?

The Remote series is built specifically for teams and companies that are operating either remote, distributed or hybrid. It might be a leadership team, a functional team or a collection of business heads responsible for the performance of the company.