Author, Founder & Lecturer on creativity & design. Labelled 'Crazy or Genius' by Forbes.

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Matthew Manos is the founder of verynice, a design strategy practice that gives half of its work away for free to nonprofit organizations. verynice’s clientele includes Apple, Google, UNICEF, NASA and the American Heart Association. Manos is also an Assistant Professor at USC, and currently serves as chair of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti's Creative Advisory Board.Called “crazy or genius” by Forbes, and named one of seven millennials changing the world by the Huffington Post, Manos’ pioneering work in the fields of design and social enterprise has inspired thousands of practitioners to engage in socially and environmentally responsible business. An author and editor of numerous books and toolkits on design strategy, social innovation and creativity, Manos regularly speaks at institutions and events across the globe. His work and ideas have also been featured in numerous print, online and broadcast venues including Fast Company, MTV, Wired, Inc and Business Insider.

The most innovative ideas in the world often come from a spark of genius that is seemingly impossible to replicate. The ability to instantly form connections between otherwise disparate things is a skillset that allows truly innovative people to see things others do not. The good news? This mindset can be practiced and nurtured. In this fast-paced session, Matthew Manos will challenge you to unlock the innovator's mindset in order to generate new and disruptive ideas.

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What is a Dose?

A Dose is a live 30-minute session with a Pioneer. A rich discussion centred around your specific business challenge. It is a facilitated conversation that delivers real-life, actionable advice. A Dose is not a keynote.

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Dose runs on a one-session-per-month cadence. Prior to the Dose, we work with you to get context and follow up with 1:1 Pioneer messaging to ensure maximum value.

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All of our Pioneers are world-class experts and operators, vetted for their specific experience. They have been there, done it, and they still are active. Our Pioneers are not consultants or academics. They are living it, facing challenges similar to you on a daily basis.

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