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Mark Whittle is a former city worker turned lifestyle coach, entrepreneur, mental health advocate and productivity / bio-hacker – the founder and host of one of the UK’s leading peak performance podcast ‘Take FLIGHT’

Take Flight features over 150 episodes with the worlds greatest minds and performers. He has travelled around the world interviewing the greatest athletes, entrepreneurs and lifestyle specialists, holding a space for them to share their life lessons and the daily habits that lead to their success. From Ed Mylett to Eddie Hearn. Mark Healy to Zack George. 

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Mark shares one of the common threads between these high performers, and turns it into something actionable that you can do during your day to help give you that edge. 

💪  Build resilience through adversity

🧘 Tap into unknown reserves of willpower

🙊 Calm your inner monkey

Get inspired by the industry greats.

How it works

How does Dose work?

You submit your team's business challenges here. Dose will then curate and propose a bespoke advisory board specifically to solve those business challenges. We surround your people with hyper-relevant experts to deliver advice and strategy to solve your problems. You can select either a 6-month or 12-month program.

What is a Dose?

A Dose is a live 30-minute session with a Pioneer. A rich discussion centred around your specific business challenge. It is a facilitated conversation that delivers real-life, actionable advice. A Dose is not a keynote.

How frequent are the Doses?

Dose runs on a one-session-per-month cadence. Prior to the Dose, we work with you to get context and follow up with 1:1 Pioneer messaging to ensure maximum value.

What is the Cost?

$500 per user, per month. Minimum of 20 users.

Who are the Pioneers?

All of our Pioneers are world-class experts and operators, vetted for their specific experience. They have been there, done it, and they still are active. Our Pioneers are not consultants or academics. They are living it, facing challenges similar to you on a daily basis.

How can I find out if Dose is for me?

Get in touch with us here and find out if Dose is right for your team.