Ex Performance Coach to Max Verstappen.

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Jake’s work has evolved from the physical preparation of athletes in professional rugby and combat sports to personal development and performance coaching in motorsports. That began when he worked for 5 years with the once-in-a-generation talent and current Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen. 

Jake has been at the sharp end of one of the most innovative working environments on the planet and can share his incredible experiences first hand. His time in Formula 1 honed his skills in developing high-performance relationships, and even in a world led by technology and data, relationships are the priority. 

“With Jake’s guidance, I have a framework and understanding from which to make decisions about my physical conditioning, nutrition, sleep and recovery. Arriving in the car physically sharp and mentally confident is important to me. A large part of that is down to Jake.” - Max Verstappen


You will learn how to bounce back from setbacks like a Formula 1 champion.

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How it works

How does Dose work?

You submit your team's business challenges here. Dose will then curate and propose a bespoke advisory board specifically to solve those business challenges. We surround your people with hyper-relevant experts to deliver advice and strategy to solve your problems. You can select either a 6-month or 12-month program.

What is a Dose?

A Dose is a live 30-minute session with a Pioneer. A rich discussion centred around your specific business challenge. It is a facilitated conversation that delivers real-life, actionable advice. A Dose is not a keynote.

How frequent are the Doses?

Dose runs on a one-session-per-month cadence. Prior to the Dose, we work with you to get context and follow up with 1:1 Pioneer messaging to ensure maximum value.

What is the Cost?

$500 per user, per month. Minimum of 20 users.

Who are the Pioneers?

All of our Pioneers are world-class experts and operators, vetted for their specific experience. They have been there, done it, and they still are active. Our Pioneers are not consultants or academics. They are living it, facing challenges similar to you on a daily basis.

How can I find out if Dose is for me?

Get in touch with us here and find out if Dose is right for your team.