Executive Coach working with founders & lifestyle entrepeneurs


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David Sherry leads a boutique executive coaching practice serving independent founders & lifestyle entrepreneurs. Partnering to build businesses with founders in defining moments of personal and professional growth.

Himself, David is a successful founder and is at the forefront of the startup community. He launched the infamous Jacuzzi Club network, and coaches some of the top startup founders in Silicon Valley and beyond.

In this Dose...

Alongside David, you will clarify your top quarterly goals, and break them down into an easy method for communication, problem-solving, and development as a team:

⚡️ 3-5 goals, outlined with clarity

🗻 A method for setting goals with your team around what work is most important

📈 An easy process for checking in on progress

How it works

What is a Dose?

A Dose is a 30 minute live virtual class delivered by one of our Pioneers. By booking a Dose for your team, you will create an opportunity to learn, generate ideas and grow. You may book a Dose for a meeting, a company off-site or in response to a challenge your team is facing. A Dose is a tool to elevate, not just another 'lunch & learn'.

How do I book a Dose?

No more referrals, Google searches, supplier setups and invoices. Search through our Pioneers, schedule the session, and we will follow up with a simple payment link. You can pay by card, or we can send an invoice from Dose, we charge a 10% fee for each booking.

The Topics

We focus our attention on the most in-demand skills required to thrive in the modern workplace. However, if there is a specific topic or theme you want a Dose on, send us a note via the chat function in the bottom right corner, and we will get back to you within 72 hours with a solution.

Can I book a series of Doses?

Yes you can, in fact many of our clients use us to curate long term programmes. It creates consistency, increases impact and reduces stress & time wasted on their part. You will find our most popular programs on the home page. If you want us to help curate a series of Doses, send us a note via the chat function in the bottom right corner and we will get in touch.