Dose was founded by The Tempest Two, James Whittle & Tom Caulfield, two ordinary friends who in 2015 decided to board a 7 metre rowing boat, and cross the Atlantic Ocean, 3000 miles totally unaided. 54 days later they touched land in Barbados, having overcome a challenge many believed was impossible. During their voyage, a new mindset was instilled in the pair. Their perception of their own potential had been transformed, and the word can't removed from their vocabulary. Since that day, they have become recognised adventurers, taking on challenges with no prior experience, with the aim of inspiring ordinary people like themselves, to achieve the extraordinary. They have worked with some of the most recognised companies on the planet, to motivate workforces, and embed a specific mindset that enables individuals and teams to perform and operate outside their comfort zones. Over the course of two-years, they have built a passion and understanding of human behaviour and performance, and founded Dose to disrupt the stagnant learning & development training industry.