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Growth Mindset

Our Growth Mindset series is designed to embed a fresh perspective into teams, provide them with the tools to unleash their own potential, and start a reaction to make them view problems in a totally new way. We will establish the building blocks of Growth Mindset, and guide the team through some key processes that they can embed into their daily lives.

The series is made up of four workshops, each designed specifically to give a dose of actionable insights, that will have an immediate effect both inside and outside the office.

Workshops in this series:

  • Goal Setting: A Process

  • Unlocking Creativity

  • The Power of Habit

  • Finding Focus

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There is a false idea that creativity is reserved purely for those who are ‘creative’. However, creativity is not defined by pieces of art, illustrations or design, it is a way of thinking. If a team can re-think the ordinary, re-imagine the status-quo, and become solution focused, then the impact is staggering.

Across these three workshops, we challenge people to re-design the everyday, become human-centric thinkers, and pitch a solution based idea on an existing problem within the business.

Workshops in this series:

  • A Fresh Perspective

  • Step Zero Thinking

  • Pitching Innovation

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Every company seems to be obsessed with ‘culture’, yet the word means different things to different people. So what truly is workplace culture? For us, it isn’t the ping-pong table in the corner or the free beers on a Friday, it is the behaviours and actions of your employees, the environment they work in, the relationships they create.

This series breaks down the values of the team, re-writes them, and relies on the input of each individual to map out the behaviours and purpose of the team as a whole. We break down buzzwords, challenge convention, and build new processes that will elevate performance, wellbeing and engagement.

Workshops in this series:

  • Culture Balloon

  • Start, Stop, Continue

  • Peer-To-Peer Purpose

  • Diversity & Belonging