Dose Book Shelf #4 - Be More Pirate

In this rally against the status quo, Sam Conniff expertly guides us through a fascinating history of Pirate culture, and how it translates in the modern world.

As marketers, we were enthralled by the stories of how pirates such as Henry Morgan and Blackbeard were the pioneers in creating the worlds first super brand. Societies perception of pirates as a whole, is one of violence, crime and terror. However, Conniff shows us that this in fact, not reality, but more marketing campaign. The skull and crossbones became a globally recognised ‘logo’, that struck fear into those in its presence. This fear however, was not a product of action, but a result of a carefully strategised PR plan! These supposed degenerates were in fact expert storytellers, creating fear and awe through word-of-mouth. In truth, Pirates actively avoided conflict due to its cost in resource, but would craftily spread embellished tales of their brutality, and let rumour mill do the rest.

We are shown how the values these historic rogues lived by, can be translated into our working lives today, and how breaking the norm and challenging the status quo will eventually lead to treasure! Interestingly, the issues we are currently facing in the UK, around diversity, equality and discrimination are topics that the Pirate community pioneered in. They accepted same sex relationships, paid every member of the crew the same, and created a culture that embraced women as equals. Way ahead of their time.

The book skips from historic tales of famous captains, to more modern day buccaneers such as Elon Musk and Steve Jobs (the latter famously stated that he would ‘rather be a pirate than join the navy’)

A great read to anyone looking for inspiration in how to innovate, make a change, or simply live a more enhanced lifestyle.


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