Introducing the "Dose Book Shelf"


One of our key missions at Dose is to encourage ongoing learning and development to as many people as possible. We believe humans aren't meant to plateau and stagnate. We have an incredible ability to develop skills, knowledge and fitness for as long as we live.

One of the simplest ways to continue this learning is to read. It is something we personally put a lot of emphasis on, and has helped us a huge amount in the past few years. Books are available everywhere, now more so than ever, and for such an incredible quality of resource, they are an affordable way to learn something you never knew before.

Someone (usually an expert) has spent a huge amount of time and research crafting the book, and for a small investment you can learn what’s taken that person years to attain. We are fans of both non-fiction and fiction books, but for the sake of this platform, we will keep the book recommendations to strictly non-fiction. As much as we love a Wilbur Smith or a Harry Potter, this doesn't seem like the right place. 


We will start by recommending a book that has stood out to us over recent years, and one that will set the tone for following book recommendations. The book is called Legacy - What the All Blacks can teach us about the business of life. By James Kerr.

As sport and rugby fans, the book appealed right off the bat. Most will know that the New Zealand Rugby team has been one of, if not the most dominant sports teams in history, so an insight into what makes the organisation tick was always intriguing. The book delves into 15 chapters, all of which could be values you see plastered around companies principals and behaviour expectations around the world… If only it was so easy. This book breaks down what those values mean to the All Blacks, and the importance of everyone upholding said values. To name a few, you can expect to see Character, Purpose, Learning, Responsibility, Preparation, Authenticity, and Ritual amongst others.

In our opinion, the book is gold. There are some real truths in the book that resonate heavily in both personal and professional life. The book acts as a relatable reminder on a host of behaviour traits. I have listed a few of our key takeaways below:

  1. If our personal values and beliefs are aligned with the values and beliefs of the organization, then we will work harder towards its success. 

  2. Play with purpose - Not just reserved for creative roles or companies. Play is key to team bonding, problem solving and risk taking.

  3. The first stage of learning is silence, the second stage is listening.

  4. In recognising our deepest values, we can understand what kind of leader we are and what kind of life we wish to lead. Authenticity - the mark of a true leader begins with honesty and integrity. Honesty allows us to access our truest vision of ourselves and when setbacks occur, gives us strong foundations. Integrity gets the job done. 

  5. Character is forged by the way we respond to the challenges of life and business, by the way we lead our life and teams. If we value life, life values us. If we devalue it, we dishonour ourselves and our one chance at living.

  6. Sweep the sheds - Never be too big to do the small things that need to be done. (No room for ego)

  7. No Dickheads - Probably our favourite point that needs no explanation.

The book can be found HERE

Let us know if you read the book and what your thoughts are. If you have any book recommendations, please forward on and we will endeavour to read.

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