Dose: Our why


Firstly, welcome to Dose, and welcome to the Dose Journal. A blog where we will share our thoughts, insights and learnings from the world of adventure, business, behaviour and culture. We exist to transform workplaces into the forward thinking, people-first organisations that champion progression, innovation, happiness and excellence. 

The journal is a place to share not just our thoughts, but lessons and findings from experts across a range of industries. From mindfulness, to elite-level sport, sleep to productivity, behaviour and beyond. These articles will be regularly updated with the basic purpose of providing insights for progression both physically and mentally. How you apply these insights, is up to you...

What is our why?

Dose has been founded by The Tempest Two, and is an extension of the mindset embodied by Tom and James. During their time adventuring, a new mindset was instilled. Their perception of their own potential had been transformed, and the word “can't" removed from their vocabulary. Since that day, they have become recognised adventurers, taking on challenges with no prior experience, with the aim of inspiring ordinary people like themselves, to achieve the extraordinary. They have worked with some of the most recognised companies on the planet, to motivate workforces, and embed a specific mindset that enables individuals and teams to perform and operate outside their comfort zones. Over the course of two-years, they have built a passion and understanding of human behaviour and performance. Dose exists to bring this unique but simple way of thinking to organisations, to remove the word can’t, to re-imagine the potential of both individuals and teams to make people and workplaces better.

Dose is different, we are not the classic culture experts, development coaches or corporate trainers. We are not ex-management consultants with 40+ years experience. 

We are a young, innovative team who can relate to 90% of both the existing and future workforce in a way others can't. Our learnings from the world of adventure, combined with our vast experience from some of the best organisations in the world, make us unique and refreshing. We're flipping the “development" industry on it's head. Dose is not here to tick the box, we are here to change the way people work, and their relationship to it. Step-changing performance drastically along the way. 

Potential, Perspective, Purpose

Perspective - We work with teams in organisations to define roles, behaviours and expectations. It is easy to get reeled into narrow thinking, especially when the pressure is on. We work to establish processes that keep the bigger picture in mind both personally and professionally. Avoiding cognitive tunnelling is imperative to sustained progression, but inevitable in over-worked, short sighted environments.

Potential - The myth of potential is something we look to shake up. People often put a ceiling on their own abilities, both inside and outside of work, and we think that it’s about time this narrow mindset was a thing of the past. A combination of identifying motivations, and getting outside of the comfort zone will soon unlock true potential, and allow people to operate at an elevated level. By training teams and individuals to embrace this mindset, innovation and progress are inevitable outcomes.

Purpose - The backbone of all motivation and wellbeing at work lies far deeper than the beer trolley and ping pong table. Purpose gives sustained direction and a deeper sense of fulfilment to any associated work. It also gives structure and routine. All of which are key when considering wellbeing. At Dose, we strip it back to the brutal beginnings. What values do you hold as a person, and are they reflected in the organisation you are working? If not, are you being true to yourself, and are you giving the required energy and input to the work that is required? 

We are excited to start our journey, helping bring to life workplaces around the world, and giving individuals the tools to go out and achieve the extraordinary. 

Team Dose

The Tempest Two