Dose Book Shelf: #3 - Creative Confidence

A few months ago, we were lucky enough to be invited to meet the guys at IDEO in San Francisco. Without a huge amount of understanding or background on what they do or how they operate, we turned up at their office on the San Francisco bay, and were blown away from start to finish.  "Ideo is a global innovation and design consultancy that has developed a reputation for coming up with novel products and services – from helping Steve Jobs design Ap­ple’s first mouse to helping the Singapore government come up with a better way to process work visas. The company’s approach is based on design thinking, which applies the principles of design to solving business challenges."

We were met by Senior Designer Alan, who maybe the greatest tour guide we have ever met. The office screams the IDEO values and mission, and is the best case of a space reflecting the company that fills it, that we have ever seen. From open spaces, to prototype workshops, we had to find out more. 

On the way back to the UK, we picked up a book in the airport written by the founder of IDEO David Kelley, and his brother and head of marketing at Ideo, Tom Kelley. The book is called Creative Confidence and unpacks the notion that creativity is reserved for the few creative hippies amongst us, whilst us normal folk stick to the mundane jobs. 

The book is a bible that introduces the meaning of creativity, creative practices, and useful tips and habits that can be utilised to shape a creative process. But more importantly, it discusses the hurdles that are put in the way of creative confidence. More often than not, these hurdles are mental. Creativity is something that needs to be practiced, embraced and nurtured. One of the most recurring stumbling blocks that we see in organisations, is the fear of creativity - proposing creative solutions in a way that hasn’t been done before is regularly met with negative tones of “we have never done it that way”. That simple response to new ideas is enough for everyone else in the room to get the message and revert back to the standard protocol from that point on.

Creative Confidence is written in a manor that asks the reader to question their own professional processes. You cant help but relate the contagious mindset to issues in your own life or business. 

This book is for everyone who is solution oriented. It will lead you to question the existing process of solving problems, and will introduce a new perspective, to lead a more user-oriented approach - whether its a product, service, operation or relationship. This book is great - Link to the book through the image.

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